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tips for keeping veggies happy all the way through the fall months

Posted by Tiffany Lasson on

We've rounded up a few of our best tips for keeping those summer veggies producing abundantly, all the way through the early months of fall! Our growing plants--whether store bought or grown from seed--need the same love and attention our other babies (ie pets and children) need: lots of love, nutrition, water and sunshine.

During these lingering hot summer days you may need to check your plants a couple of times a day for stress. I water first thing in the morning and then check in the early evening to see if they look a little wilted. If they do, they get another drink. It is best to water plants right at the base, so there is less waste. This will also make them less susceptible to certain fungal diseases. Drip hoses are great, but not necessary, especially in smaller garden spaces. Just enjoy a few quiet moments in the fresh air and water by hand.

Love and appreciation is good for plants too! Take a stroll through your garden everyday, it's amazing how little tiny seeds grow up in to a bountiful garden. Be grateful to mother nature for the gift of life and reproduction. It truly is a miracle. It's okay to tell your babies how wonderful and gorgeous they look! Studies have shown that a positive environment helps those seedlings grow strong and fruitful.

You should fertilize your plants, but remember a little goes a long way! Try to aim for fertilizing a couple of times a month. Water soluble vegetable fertilizers are wonderful for hand watering. There is also the shake style that works well for a slower release. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions on your specific package.

Don't forget to stay up-to-date with your garden journal. It only takes moments to jot down what's looking great, what methods you are using, and what is not thriving... those small fails can be your biggest teachers! Here are a few cute options in you want a dedicated notebook for your garden journal.
Because I have a large garden and want it to thrive all summer long, I've incorporated zoning this year, knowing that burn-out is a real possibility! On Monday, I weed, fertilize, and check for pests in Zone 1. On Tuesday, I weed, fertilize, check for pests in Zone 2, etc.
Enjoy this fleeting time of year. Loving on your plants lets you get lots of that valuable vitamin D and a little exercise in. Be grateful and meditative for your abundance. Reward yourself with pure food. And be proud of the journey.
a big thank you to elle carmel design for sharing a few of her best garden tips with us. she is our virtual assistant and also happens to be a talented landscape designer as well!

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