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a simple guide for easter baskets

Posted by Tiffany Lasson on


I definitely don't think easter baskets need to be an extravagant affair. Back in the 80's, our easter baskets were full of jelly beans and a chocolate bunny and that was more than enough to make my week amazing!

The memories of doing things together will always be cherished much more by your children than what they receive in their easter baskets. When I ask my kids about their favorite parts of Easter, they always mention coloring easter eggs and frosting sugar cookies together. I don't think they have ever mentioned what came in their easter basket!

However, it is still a tradition I know they have fun with, and putting an easter basket together is also fun for me! It's something I look forward to doing every Spring.

I came up with this little formula when my kids got a little older, as a simple guide as I brainstormed things to include that they would really like, and also as an alternative to all the sugary surprises. 

This also works really well as a gifting guide if your kids have spring birthdays!



1. SOMETHING TO GROW. I always love to include something to grow, a symbol of all the things the Spring & Easter season represents. This can be as simple as a little grow kit or packet of seeds that can be planted in a pot or in your garden. One year we gave each of our kids a baby chick to raise. Obviously, only do this variation on the "something to grow" theme if you know you want to raise chickens! We knew we wanted to and have loved having our four chickens (Pip, Iris, Freddie & Nora) for the last three years!


2. SOMETHING TO READ. The warmer afternoons of spring feel downright magical after the long winter days, and there's no better way to spend a couple warm afternoon hours than laying outside with a brand new book.


3. SOMETHING TO WEAR. Lotion, a pair of earrings, a bandana, a new easter outfit, a tie, a roller perfume or cologne, a face mask or a pair of cute socks. So many different directions you could take this one, but it just helps the ideas start to flow when you have the parameters of "something to wear."


4. SOMETHING TO EAT. Obviously. This one is important!


I know it's easy to get stumped when it comes to easter baskets and gifting in general, especially for teens, so hopefully this little guide will help the ideas start to flow a little easier! For more inspiration on gift basket ideas, you can check out our curated gift box collection. Hope you all have a relaxing, happy Easter weekend!



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